USS Icefish

The Icefish in Portland, Oregon

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The following story appeared in a local Portland, Oregon, newspaper in September, 1945.

Submarine Icefish Pulls Into Harbor
Underseas Raider Bagged 14,015 Tons of Jap Shipping

With the arrival of the valiant little submarine Icefish
Thursday afternoon, Portland's quota of seven distinguished
Navy day guests was complete.

The Icefish, which docked alongside the Hawkbill at the foot
of Ash street as thousands of visitors waited eagerly to come aboard,
is credited with sinking 14,015 tons of Japanese shipping
during her five patrols in South Pacific waters.

Skippered by handsome, 6-foor-2 Capt. R.W. Peterson,
an ex-Annapolis tackle who wears the navy cross
and the bronze star among other decorations won on his ten patrols,
the Icefish has steamed close to 100,000 miles in the past year.

Pupils to Tour Vessels

Officers on all ships of Portland's visiting fleet, meanwhile,
were making preparations for Friday, when close to 50,000
school children will be dismissed from afternoon classes
in order to tour the vessels. All precautions will be taken
to assure the safety of the visiting children,
Rear Adm. Carl F. Holden, senior fleet officer, declared Thursday.

Special visiting hours for Saturday, Navy day, were announced
Thursday by Tommy Luke, chairman, who said that all ships
of the fleet will welcome the public aboard
from 10 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. On Sunday, final day
of the Fleet week program, visiting hours will revert
to the present 1 P.M. to 4:30 P.M. schedule.

Icefish to Submerge

A highlight of Saturday's official Navy day festivities
will be a dive in the middle of the Willamette river
by the Icefish, duplicating the Hawkbill's dramatic submerging
of its flower-laden decks during last Sunday's
memorial service. The Icefish, without flowers this time,
will make her dive at 4 P.M. at approximately the same place
in the river where the Hawkbill submerged between
Burnside and Morrison bridges.

The official Navy day program at Victoria center Saturday
will get underway at noon, with Maj. Gen. Julian C. Smith
of the Marine corps and Adm. Holden as the principal speakers.
Tommy Luke and Norm Anderson will serve as masters of ceremony,
and Robert S. Farrell, secretary of state, and Mayor Earl Riley
v will extend greetings of the city and state. Musical portion
of the program will be supplied by the Roosevelt high school band
and a navy band from the heavy cruiser Topeka.

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